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1985 Toyota Landcuiser FJ60 TBI fuel injection conversion using a modified stock F2  distributor and stock air cleaner.  TBI adaptors and conversion parts are made by Pinal Manufacturing and can be found at Man-A-Fre. Ray Webb developed the conversion components and chip programming for this particular conversion and the pictures are from his own his personal FJ60.

 With a speed sensor and the EGR valve included in the system it goes into closed loop like it should, and the F2 engine picked up around 1 1/2 miles per gallon better fuel economy and much better performance than the stock carbureted system. This particular program is setup using a stock F2 engine using a Man-A-Fre header mounted in front of an Australian 5 speed overdrive transmission hooked to 4.11:1 gearing and then onto a final drive of 32 in tires. This drives smooth without any gaps or flat spots in all throttle positions and speeds, will climb the hills, and will top out at around 90 MPH. The TBI fuel injection works very well in low range and granny gear to smoothly crawl without stalling. More work is currently being done to produce a performance programmed chip.


Some of the pictures of the conversion.        Expand each picture for a larger view.

Modified distributor



View with EGR valve and TBI



EGR, Knock sensor, EGR solenoid



Under the hood, view 1



Under the hood, view 2



Ignition and spark modules, FP relay and coil



Fuel injection relays and fuse block



Knock sensor view



O2 sensor view



Oil pressure sender and switch view



Relay and fuse view



Speed sensor view



TBI view 1



TBI view 2



The GM computer mounts above the glove box and out of site.


The Project Toyota FJ60



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